Tampon Applicator Snowflake

These pristine snowflakes make a perfect glittery Christmas tree topper, or hang a few in the window for some holiday sparkle.


  • Cardboard tampon applicators (6 applicator “halves” per snowflake)
  • Cardboard or popsicle sticks
  • Small drill or awl
  • Glue gun
  • Silver chenille pipe cleaners
  • Scissors

Drill or poke two sets of holes all the way through each of the 6 halves of the applicator, about a half inch from the top and bottom. (One should be a wider “top” part if you are making a top-of-tree ornament.)

Make a six-pointed star framework by gluing together popsicle sticks, or cut one out of cardboard. Glue tampon applicators onto star.

Cut small sections of silver pipe cleaner, poke through top holes and bend upwards. Make “V” shapes out of pipe cleaner sections and poke into bottom holes with the points sticking up.

Run 3 pipe cleaners all the way through the snowflake and trim so a little bit sticks out of each point. Form a star shape from the pipe cleaner and glue to the back of the star.

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